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Elegant Spa Massages

Indian Head Massage
The movements of this calming massage ease tension and fatigue and balance energy levels to leave you deeply relaxed. Ideal for pregnant ladies, sufferers of sinusitis, insomnia and tension headaches.
Indian Head massage 45 mins £25
Indian Face massage 20 mins £10
Thai Hand and Foot Reflexology
This treatment differs from the European method due to the introduction of a wooden tool, used to intensify the massage. This method also incorporates treatment to the lower leg for a totally relaxing and invigorating experience.
Thai hand and foot massage 1 hour £35
Swedish Massage
This traditional Western World massage applies light, medium to firm pressure. Rhythmic flowing compressions of the muscles induce relaxation resulting in increased circulation and mobility.
Swedish full body massage 1 hour 30 mins £40
Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulders massage 30 mins £30
Hot Stone Therapy (coming soon)
This is a deep, warm and nurturing massage is performed with smooth stones. The heated stones are soaked in essential oils and massaged over the body, increasing metabolism and easing muscular tension. Warmed stones will be placed between your toes, along your spine and on the Chakra centres of the body.
Hot Stones full body massage 1 hour 30 mins £50
Hot Stones Back, Neck & Shoulders massage 30 mins £40